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1) What is a bangstick? A bangstick is a devise that when loaded with the desired ammunition will fire the round into a shark, alligator, crocodile, or potential life-threating predator. The bangstick is mounted on a metal shaft with a length of no less than  26 inches.
2) How is a bangstick fired? The bangstick is fired by a quick, firm thrust directly in line with the target itself.
3) What type of ammunition should I use?  Any standard off-self ammo can be used for the specific caliber bangstick that you own. DO NOT use aluminum casings.These tend to swell and can cause difficulties with removal from the BS.
4) Do I need to waterproof my ammo before loading into the BS and what procedure do I use to do so? Yes. Apply a thin layer of clear or colored nail polish to two places on the bullet. 1st to the primer area at the rear of thecartridge, and 2nd to the rim area (where the lead is pressed into the sleeve of the round). Remove any ecess nail polish with a knife so as not to remove the polish in the sealing areas.
5) What calibers are available?

Sharkbangsticks and Gatorbangers are availiable in six sizes. 
22 magnum
357 magnum/38 caliber
44 magnum
410 gauge/45 colt
500 Smith & Wesson
12 gauge SG

We will be happy to custom build any size you want.

6) What type of material is a bangstick made out of?  Our bangsticks are manufactured from a minimum of 303 stainless steel.
7) What safety precautions should be followed to prevent injury? Each bangstick is shipped with complete safety instructions, but it is most important that the safety pin be kept snapped into  its safety position at all times until immediately before firing, unloading, or reloading the bangstick.
8) Who would need a Shark Bangstick or Gator Bangstick and why? Experienced scuba divers, gator hunters, commercial fishermen, boat captains and guides. Bangsticks are designed for defense from sharks or other potential underwater life threatening predators. While Gator bangsticks are designed to be used in gator or crocodile situations.

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