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Our new "Gatorbanger" has been tested and is now in production. It's light and strong, and has a great feel. 
Check out our Gatorbanger Special... Buy one gatorbanger pole and GET 3 interchangable
barrels for one low price.  See our store for details.

We offer the Gatorbangstick in 5 different models.

1.)    22 magnum
2.)    357 magnum / 38 caliber
3.)    44 magnum
4.)    410 SG / 45 colt
5.)    500 Smith & Wesson 

See It In The Store

Don't see the bangstick you are looking for?
Contact Rus or Rick about custom building your Bangstick.

Our 5 1/2 foot stainless steel pole and the unique design of the stainless steel
Gatorbanger powerheads make the Gatorbanger the MOST durable
and dependable gator hunting bangstick on the market.



See It In The Store

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